365 Business Finance

Advancing ahead with priority keywords

An alternative finance provider for small and medium-sized businesses


365 Business Finance came to us wanting to improve their rankings for the term “merchant cash advance”. When they came to us they were ranking anywhere from 12th-20th place. They wanted to improve and stabilise this.

386% increase in top 10 rankings


Technical SEO

Content marketing

Digital strategy

Site redesign UI/UX


We’ve worked for a number of financial brands in the SEO space and it is with that pedigree that 365 came to us. After a site audit we uncovered huge onsite cannibalisation as a result of the site being over optimised. We implemented a strategy that would almost see us ‘dismantle’ the site in order to build it back up again correctly. However, this in the long term this has enabled 365 to rank for a number of terms that they had never intended to rank for including “business finance” “unsecured business finance” “quick business finance”

365 Business Finance 1



386% increase in top 10 rankings


445% increase in organic traffic


73% increase in non-branded traffic

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