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Galliard had been relying on traditional and direct marketing channels and while they had a website, they had done little to no SEO marketing and wanted to heavily grow their online presence.

Organic Goals increased 271%


Technical SEO

Enterprise website

Content marketing

Digital strategy

Multi-agency cooperation


There were a number of complex technical issues that were hampering with this vast enterprise website as a result of multiple systems interacting with one another. Once those had been addressed, we optimised each property listing. After implementing essential technical SEO changes, we embarked on a long-term content creation plan. The main aim of this was to generate relevant and engaging content that would acquire links to help Galliard increase their visibility in the search results. As Galliard is London’s largest privately-owned residential developer, over the years we have also worked very closely with other agencies involved with the brand including PPC, PR, and web development partners.

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Organic Traffic increased 105%


Organic Goals increased 271%


Top 10 rankings 109 > 1069

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