SEO Content Audit

Ensure the best possible chance of first-page rankings, increased traffic and exceptional customer engagement. Keep your content fresh, relevant and effective.

Just as traditional audits are vital to the maintenance of a company's financial health, content audits are essential for ensuring the optimum performance of its website and digital presence.

- Relevance and authority

- Relevance and authority

ensuring that all pages and blogs contain accurate, authoritative and engaging content.

- Omissions

- Omissions

identifying key topics that are not currently covered.

- Accessibility and performance

- Accessibility and performance

fixing broken links, speeding up loading times, improving navigation, optimising titles and tags

- Keywords

- Keywords

optimising the selection and placement of words and phrases to match common search terms.

So, why are content audits important for your online success?

A content audit is a root and branch review of your website’s content to assesses its effectiveness in achieving marketing objectives and business goals. An effective content audit identifies strengths, weaknesses, and gaps.

We analyse your keyword targeting and the authority and relevance of your content. Conducting a content audit reveals significant gaps and recommends enhancements to increase your brand visibility and improve customer experience.

Your website is the centrepiece of your digital marketing strategy and must be constantly updated to address the changing demands of your customers and the relentless pressure of your competitors. A content audit from an SEO perspective ensures that every page of your site is correctly targeted and leaves no opportunity on the table.

What Are the Benefits of an SEO Content Audit?
The effectiveness of every marketing plan needs to be measurable. If something isn’t working it needs to be fixed without delay. A professional content audit provides numerous benefits, of which these are just the most important ones.

We want to work with brands and businesses that are ambitious.

We work with

What Does a Content Audit Involve?

Firstly we decide what you want your audit to achieve. Is your current content achieving its goals and is your return on investment sustainable? We look at whether your content is fresh and current. It’s easy to let webpages drift into irrelevance as external factors change. An audit will measure the extent of updating that is needed, in terms of factual accuracy, style and language. An audit will also tell you which pages are performing well and which need to be overhauled.

Totally Digital will crawl your site with a number of industry-standard tools in order to view it through the eyes of the search engines, evaluate weak points, identify opportunities for better SEO and provide a comprehensive list of suggested improvements.

Importance of Content Audits for SEO
The rules and requirements of search engine optimisation are constantly evolving as Google and other search engines revise and refine their algorithms. Tactics that might have given you high rankings a couple of years ago may no longer work, which makes it imperative to keep your site under constant review. There are three particularly important areas in which content audits can help improve your site’s performance.

The quality, originality and readability of content have become priorities for the search engines. It’s no longer appropriate to distinguish between the way the user and the crawler experiences your site. Increasingly the two are converging. Content that appeals to readers will be picked up and favourably judged by the search engines.
Keywords have always been essential to content marketing but any list of keywords can never be fixed or finite. A content audit will assess the strength and relevance of your existing keywords while suggesting additions which have proven traction and applicability. This will enable your site to target more directly your primary markets.
Relevant content is key. Many years ago webmasters concentrated on cramming websites with keywords on the understanding that these were the features which would attract the attention of the search engine web-crawlers. Content merely served as the bed in which to sow these seeds.

Digital marketing today is entirely different. The quality and originality of a site’s content is fundamental to the optimisation of a site’s visibility. The better the content, the more useful and entertaining it is for visitors. That, in turn, flags it up to the search engines. Keyword research and placement remain crucial, but they need to occur naturally in the text.

Furthermore, each piece of content needs a clear and distinct purpose, conveying a unique message and not duplicating content across pages. A content audit will confirm what is working and expose what is not.

There is no fully standardised process. However, every content audit follows a similar process. This is a broad step- by-step outline of the procedure.
Definition of goals and metrics: to improve SEO rankings, enhance audience engagement and increase conversion rates.

  • Take an inventory of past and current content to determine the priority areas.
  • Generate a sitemap if one does not exist.
  • Collect the URLs of every web page and section to be analysed.
  • Catalogue the content by the most applicable categories.
  • Collect metadata for each piece of content.
  • Gather and analyse data using audit tools.
  • Provide initial raw data report.
  • Study and interpret content audit data.
  • Conduct a technical review of user experience and content formatting.
  • Assess content assets according to the identified goals.
  • Keep, update or delete website elements as appropriate.
  • Finalise and deliver audit report.
  • Prepare an action plan for each URL based on the recommendations of the audit.

Content Audit Tools Used

We have extensive experience of SEO content audit tools and we use a range of resources in our content audit service.

  • Some of the best-performing tools in our software suite include:
  • Ahrefs, an SEO software package with tools for site content audits as well as link building, keyword research, rank tracking and competitor analysis.
  • Screaming Frog, the original spider – arguable the most important SEO tool.
  • Sitebulb, a modern updated spider jam-packed with features and reports.
  • Google Search Console, a free service that enables webmasters to monitor, maintain and troubleshoot website performance.
  • Semrush, an all-in-one software suite for improving online presence and gaining marketing insights.
  • Google Analytics, a web service that provides statistics and essential analytical tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

Totally are technical wizards with creative flare and a seriously easy to-get-on-with attitude. They are fantastic people to work with!

Gavin Lachman / Chief Financial Officer

We want to work with brands and businesses that are ambitious.

Why Choose Us?

Totally Digital was founded in 2000, when the internet was still in its infancy. Our experience over the past two decades has been gathered as the principles and practices of digital marketing have evolved. We have been working with clients through every major SEO change, providing bespoke content audits and helping generate an increase in organic revenue of 706%.

We know that one size never fits all. Before we carry out any work, we’ll consult with you fully to clarify exactly what your objectives are and then tailor our service to your needs. Our approach is focused on both the requirements of the search engines and the expectations of your target audience.
A content audit takes time, resources and expertise. To be sure of the best results, it always pays to call in professionals and our track record speaks for itself.

CCgroup has worked with Totally for over 7 years resulting in SEO driving between 50% - 65% of all new business leads. Totally took the time to understand our often complex industry and continually review our strategy to make improvements and drive new leads in the developing markets we are moving into.

Rose Chapman / Marketing manager

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