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Feeling like you deserve to be above some of your competitors? Need to know what your customers are searching for? Want to grow but not sure where to start?



Totally are technical wizards with creative flare and a seriously easy to-get-on-with attitude. They are fantastic people to work with!

Gavin Lachman / Chief Financial Officer

Insights into your niche and competition allow for better decision making

An SEO competition audit allows you to see if there are current market opportunities available and whether you deserve to be in a better position. It will also allow you to understand if SEO is something you should invest in. Whether you want to know keyword volumes to inform new product creation or services based on customer needs, or you want to see who’s beating you and why, we can help you fully understand the space you operate in.

Prices start from as little as 1 day and we can also offer strategy and execution if necessary. There’s always something you can be doing better, and we love figuring that out! So get in touch and see if we can help.

Backed up by an army of custom software developers, we have the technical understanding and SEO knowledge to unpick your problems and develop a strategy to beat the competition!

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